Seth Firehide

Eriks PC


Seth Firehide is a scrawny young tiefling. Seth is happy, positive tiefling that wants to help people and make them happy. This is easier said than done however, as most people are suspicious of tieflings due to their infernal herritage. Seth is not bother by the racisim in it self, but he gets sad, when people just up and refuse his help.
Seth views all life as precious and with his time in the Church of Lathander has inspired to not take lives when ever possible but to instead try to “rebirth” into a new life where they live good lives. If that is not possible, he wants to return the offenders to those they have harmed the most where they can mete out punishment, highly prefferable in a productive way.

Seth has grown tired of the discriminaation the village and to some extent the church of Lathander, and has set out on his own. However Seth has now found himself in jail….

Seth Firehide

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