Strife never truly ceases


This is the story of a party trying to survive within a nation at war, all the while attempting to right the wrongs of said war. A miss-matched bunch of wannabe heros, who got pulled in by the winds of destiny are now the nations best hope of restoration after the death of its king and ruler Mordekai. May the gods help us all…

Welcome to Fiora

Fiora is a continent whos history knew only peace since the recent royal bloodline came into power. Now, many years later, the whole nation erupts in war and instablity as its king draws his last breath and the familys ruling ends. A bloody war of succsesion starts as the refurbishment of the potential successors begins.

Mer bakgrunds fluff kommer att behövas här samt en liten beskriving av kampanjen // Much Love Poffe PS. Mer arbete in general behövs dock 


D&D 5th Edition Campaign - Fiora (WIP)

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