Nathaniel Carter

Dishonored royal guard with many questions and few answers.


Known Backstory: The man who came from nowhere and took Fiora by storm. Hailing from the small villiage Lempshire, located near Jonascast. He came to Capital of Fiora to serve his King. This mans name is Nathaniel Carter, or so he called himself. His fast rise in the honor guards rank out records any other in the known history. Quicklly after he joined the honor guards, almost three years ago when this chapter of his life starts, he gained the highest military rank in Fiora. Namely the rank of “Right Hand of The King” and “General Commander” of the army. For two years Nathaniel served the denizens of Fiora eradicating orc fortresses, rampaging monsters and with stabilizing internal political strife. His team of Speacalists called STU (Special Tactics Unit) followed their commander through any and all hardships and a few of them bacame like familiy. Nathaniel was regarded as a hero, symbol and an ideal for the past two years and he was loved by all except Fioras enemies as he stood as a wall guarding the nation. And he was a gigantic wall supported by many.

Untill six months ago. When word spread that King Mordekai had been murdered by none other than their hero, Nathaniel. For some their love turned into hate, others refused to believe it and made excuses like that he weren’t himself and was manipulated by someone that day. The people close to Nathaniel, those who think they knew him tried to appeal on his behalf but the council was in chaos so the appeals never got any footing. Now, recently the dungeon was carved open and all but one man got sluaghtered. Guards as well as prisoners died that day and no one knows who did it or how it happened. The only body not recovered was Nathaniels. It was obvious someone or something carved it’s way in, someone didn’t break out. The council has declared Nathaniel Carter dead to lay the matter to rest and help try to start a new chapter in Fioras history.

The truth however, the truth is not far off. The Nathaniel Carter Fiora once knew is indeed dead, but someone or something has risen in his stead…

Goals: The restoration of Fiora, finding himself and rip apart the layers of illusion covering him.

Enemies: Lord Carter (Hated),


Love Interests: None yet. Many to come.

Familiy (Blood):Unknown.

Familiy (Plastic): Norven Julianson, Anathiel Thobendaughter and Seakas Norvenson.

Familiy (Loved ones): Faye Amastacia, Bael Black, Heidrianna Blackrose, Belnan Milner.

Nathaniel Carter

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